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Monitor Arms Stands

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Product Specification


1. Easy Installation

Freely adjustable tripod, flexible and convenient, no need to punch holes.

2. Heighten Edge

The design of heightening the edge of the wall is convenient to store things and keep things from falling.

3. Monitor & TV Compatible

All computers and TVs can be used.

4. Firm Support

Can bear heavy pressure, strong load-bearing, firm support, not easy to drop even if poked.

5. Save 90% Desktop Space

Emancipate the space of the desktop and simplify the complexity.

6. Threading Hole Design

Add two threading holes to place the router set-top box and other cable devices.


Product Type: Monitor Storage Stand

Material: ABS

Colorï¼› Black, White

Sizeï¼› 30x12.5cm

Weight: 152g

Package Included:

1 x Stand