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Monitor Arms & Stands

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Product Specification

Material: ABS
Color: Black
Load Bearing: 15KG(33lbs)
Maximum Dimensions: 52 x 20 x 8 cm / 20.47 x 19.69 x 3.15 in

✅ 4 USB 2.0 ports provides data transmission and charging features.
✅ With its stable structure, it can support monitors weighing up to 33lbs.
✅ The length of the monitor stand can be adjusted according to your demands.
✅ Suitable for any decorative style, very practical, compact size, do not occupy much space.
✅ Side drawer box for holding the headset, office supplies,etc, save more space for desktop.
✅ Can be used as a monitor stand riser, computer stand, laptop riser, mini TV stand or even a desk shelf.
✅ Elevates the display to get the right screen viewing distance to avoid headaches or eye and neck fatigue.

Package included:
1 x Monitor Riser with USB Cable
1 x Headset Drawer Rack
1 x English Manual