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The ball balance robot is a typical underactuated system. It has a single point of contact with the ground. The movement is very flexible and the turning is almost zero. It is an ideal platform for automatic theoretical study. This is an experimental version, and the price is relatively low. Of course, it is limited by Cost, robot can not walk, is a desktop-level algorithm learning platform. The attitude information can be sent to our host computer via USB data, and the data of the host computer can be imported into matlab and other software for further study.

Ball balance robot parameters:

Base material: all aluminum alloy
Drive motor: 42 stepper motor
Total weight: 1350g
Maximum size (length, width and height): 190x190x141mm
Power supply: 12V 10A power adapter with protection
Controller: STM32F103RCT6
Display: 0.96 inch OLED
Program download: serial one-click download or SWD download
Serial port: reserved 2 way
User button: 1
LED lights: 1
Other interfaces: reserved CAN interface, reserved an additional stepper motor interface, can be extended to a 4-way drive car.
Code open source: full open source, including control code, schematic, etc., support PID parameter online adjustment and posture information monitoring.

Package includes: