ADXL335 Starter Kit with Free 17 Classes UNO R3 LCD1602 Display Components Set Geekcreit for Arduino products that work with official Arduino boards

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Free Tutorial

Good kit for Arduino Starter

17 Classes:

Class 1 Hello Arduino!

Class 2 LED Running Lights

Class 3 Key Experiment

Class 4 AD  Analog-to-Digital conversation

Class 5 PWM Experiment

Class 6 Buzzer Experiment

Class 7 The Temperature Sensor Experiment

Class 8 Photosensitive Light Experiment

Class 9 Fire Alarm Experiment

Class 10 Infrared Remote Control

Class 11 Ultrasonic

Class 12 8-Bit Digital Display Experiment

Class 13 4 x 8 Nixie tube timer countdown

Class 14 8x8 Dot-matrix Experiment

Class 15 The Display of LED1602

Class 16 The Stepping Motor

Class 17 Servo Motor

Package includes:

1 x Project Box

1 x Keywish UNO R3 Controller Board

1 x USB Cable

1 x AGIPSYBEEL335 module

1 x 1 digit 7-segment Display

1 x 4 digit 7-segment Display

1 x Dot Matrix Display 8x8

1 x Shift Resister 74HC595N

1 x Foam Pad

1 x DC Motor

1x Small fan blade

2 x 4N25

1 x L293D

1 x LCD1602 Character Display

1 x Arduino Extended Board

1 x 830 Holes Breadboard

1 x 9V Battery Connector

10 x Resistor(220Ω)

10 x Resistor(560Ω)

10 x Resistor(1k)

10 x Resistor(4.7k)

10 x Resistor(10k)

10 x Resistor(1M)

10 x Resistor(10M)

1 x Active Buzzer

1 x Passive Buzzer

10 x Small Key


3 x 8055

3 x 8550

5 x 1N4007

1 x Potentiometer

1 x Infrared Receiver

5 x Photosensitive resistor

1 x Temperature Sensor LM35

1 x Vibration switch SW-520D

1 x Electronic component box

1 x 40Pin Header

10 x white LED

10 x Orange LED

10 x Red LED

10 x Green LED

10 x Blue LED

2 x 24cm Jumper Wire (Male to Male)

2 x 20cm Jumper Wire (Male to Male)

4 x 16cm Jumper Wire (Male to Male)

22 x Jumper Wire 12cm (Male to Male)

20 x Dupont wire (Female to Male)