RIDEN® RD6018 RD6018W Digital Power Supply Case S800 Housing Shell For Voltage Converter for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

This item is used for RD6018 (Product ID: 1750646), Support Power Supply: (Product ID: 1750643)

Note before buying:  

1. The S800 case, not containing any power supply. some picture show installation finished with RD6012/RD6018, switch power, and case are for reference only.  
2. For S800  case, you can put AC-DC switch power and RD6018 into this case. 
3. For input AC-DC switch power supply, we recommend 800W 65V switch power supply (S800 case leave fix hole size for this version), the following 800W 65V switch power supply is recommended, but just recommend for you as a choice, not provide any quality guarantee and technology support, you can contact the seller to ask.  

Package includes:

1 x S800 case kit
(This item is not includes the power supply and RD6018)