Red/Blue/Transparent/Black/White Protective Box with ABS Housing for Development Board for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


This shell used for protecting the UNOR3 development board, adopts ABS material
It has interfaces of UNOR3, which is convenient for application.
It is dustproof and water-proof, avoiding short circuit of exposed pins and solder joints. 
To assemble the housing is pretty simple, and each housing has a card slot which leads you to build up. 
At the same time, the top and bottom of the shell are designed for LEG0 building blocks. A dearth of designs will be created.


Material: ABS injection molding 
Compatible with: UNOR3 type
Controllers Size: 79*60*24mm 
Weight: 29g
Color: Red/Blue/Transparent/Black/White (optional)

Package includes:

1 x Protective Box