Portable Spot Welder Aluminum Alloy Shell for Handheld Small 18650 Lithium Battery Nickel Sheet Mini Household Energy Storage

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Product Specification


Product model: convenient electric welding machine

Battery type: rechargeable polymer lithium battery

Battery capacity: 4300mAH

Input voltage: 5.2V (MAX)

Input current: 649A (MAX)

Design current: 1200A (MAX)

Input interface: Micro USB

Input parameters: 5V-1A

Recommended nickel strip thickness: 0.1-0.12mm


1. Aluminum alloy shell material, fire-proof and anti-fall; Surface anodizing technology, anti-abrasive and safe to use.

2. Portable Spot Welding Machine is mainly used in the welding of nickel sheet of cylindrical battery like 18650.

3. Built-in high-rate polymer power cell, the maximum output current is up to 639A, and it can continuously weld thousands of points after being fully charged.

4. With output power and remaining power indication, there are two output modes: timing trigger output and automatic trigger output. At the same time can sets 4 output power.

5. Has four dual-color indicator lights, Green light for indicating the power, red light for indicating the welding power.

6. Charging indicator light: red for charging, green for fully charged.

7. It will automatically shut-down after ten minutes of no use.

8. Compact size and light weight, easy and convenient to carry.


1. Long press the power on button, the green light shows the electric quantity, the red light shows the output power.

2. Short press twice to enter power setting, four gear power output, short press twice to save and exit.

3. At this time, the welding is triggered at a fixed time, and the output is 1.5s once.

4. Short press once to switch to automatic trigger mode, and automatically output when two welding pens are detected to be in good contact with nickel sheet.

5. Long press to shut down.

Package includes:

1 x Convenient spot welding machine host

1 x Quick release spot welding pen

1 x Micro USB charging cable