M5Stack 24AWG 4 Core Twisted Pair Shielded Cable RS485 RS232 CAN Data Communication Line 0 5M for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Module Components

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Product Specification


24AWG 4-CORE Shielded Cable is a STP(shielded twisted pair) cable that is commonly used for data communications. The aluminium foil and woven layer wrapping inside can effectively enhance the stability of communication lines. It is suitable for ordinary serial communication, and standard communication bus construction such as RS485, RS232, CAN, etc.
Application: Communication line


Electrical characteristics

- Working voltage: 2.5-9V
- Working current: <1800mA
- Loop voltage drop: less than 0.5V
- Contact resistance: 5mΩ
- Contact rated current: 1.8A
- Withstand voltage: AC 250V
- Data transfer rate: minimum 425mb/S

Environmental requirements

- Working temperature: -10degres +50degres
- Storage temperature: -10 +35degres
- Working humidity: <55%
- Humidity range: 25%R.H-90%R.H

Wire description:

- Wire, L: 205mm:
- Conductor: (11/0.16+4C), bare copper + aluminum foil + braid
- Insulation TPE OD=0.90more or less0.05mm, core wire color: black, white, green, red
- Wire: Outer diameter 5.0
- Composition of each bare copper wire
- Outer cover: TPE, black, OD: 5.0
- Wire, plug and mechanical characteristics requirements MAX; contact pull-out force: 50g MIN

Package included:

1 x 0.5M Twisted Pair Shielded Cable