KINGSO 2 Pack E27 ST64 Edison Light Bulb Warm White 220V 240V 60W Dimmable 2700K for Sale with BTC on


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★ Special in producing light in many years which enjoy a good reputation.This spiral style filaments 2500-2700K Dimmable warm light just like the originals invented by Thomas Edison.Versatile-can be used with a lamp shade or look stunning just on their own.
★ This beautiful 60W early Edison bulb in clear glass vintage look and warm glow is just classic genuine old-fashioned incandescent,perfect for atmospheric lighting or set in a multi-bulb pendant light.Perfect for restaurants,bars,hotels,karaoke,cafes,windows and showrooms to create warm and intimate lighting.
★ The glass is in a traditional shape and fits just like any regular bulb with E27 screw-in fittings.Standardized for 220 - 240 volts U.K.,euripean fixtures.Great decorative bulbs with many uses.Perfect for use in many chandeliers,ceiling and wall fixtures where the bulbs are exposed,and anywhere you want a soft,warm glow.
★ CE approved and guaranteed quality.These bulbs are made from high quality materials and built to last for up to 3000 hours and have glass enclosures and tungsten filaments.Unique packaging design to make sure the bulbs are well protected during transit.No need to worry about receiving broken/damaged light bulb. If bulbs are damaged or broken during transit,we' ll make timely compensation,we strive to provide top quality vintage light bulb to our customers.
★Size: 60mm x 110mm Color: Light brown/Amber Material: Glass Color temperature: 2500-2700K Warm White Wattage: 60W Dimmable Life expectancy:2500-3000 hrs.

Package Included:

2 x E27 ST64 Edison Light Bulb Warm White