Intelligent Digital Display Dual pulse Portable Spot Welding Machine DIY 18650 Lithium Battery Control Board Nickel Spot Welder for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Maximum welding thickness: 0.3mm
Input voltage: 8.4V
Size: 115 x 136 x 65mm(Length x width x height)

Instructions for use:

1: The device voltage is lower than 6.5v to charge, please turn off when charging, the charging green light is always on, the full light is off
2: This product is suitable for spot welding of 0.2mm pure nickel, 0.3mm nickel plating, non-transferable nickel, and no spot welding of copper, aluminum and other low internal resistance metals
3: Pulse time setting, the default is 5MS, 0.1 nickel plating setting 2-3MS, 0.15 nickel plating 4-6MS, 0.2 nickel plating 6-9MS, 0.3 nickel plating 10-13MS, when the device voltage is lower, the pulse time needs to be adjusted Large, maximum 15MS
4: Automatic spot welding, when the soldering needle touches the silver sheet for 0.8 seconds, the spot welding is automatically triggered

Package included:

1 x spot welding machine
1 x set of accessories