FiiO SK BTR5 Bluetooth Headphone Amp Protective Leather Case PU Non slip Wear resistant Leather Case for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


The display you like is still clearly visible
In order to view the information of BTR5 in real time and call the setting menu, the information position of the OLED display is opened on the front of SK-BTR5, and the content you want to watch is always online.

Full score in the details of the pull-out structure
The top adopts an open design, just push in the BTR5 from above. When you take it out, you can separate the body and the casing with a light push through the rounded openings reserved at the bottom.

Indentation button position is sensitive
The inside of the button is treated with indentation, which can better avoid misoperation, and it can respond quickly by pressing.
High-quality leather, skin-friendly touch
The skin texture is made of wear-resistant and scratch-resistant high-quality leather, which fits naturally with the body.


Model: SK-BTR5 bluetooth amp protective leather case
Material: PU
Color: black

Package included:

1 x Protective Leather for SK-BTR5 Bluetooth Headphone Amp