Elecraft KX3 Portable Shortwave Radio Special Shield Kit External Radiator Left/right Side Panel with Handle for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Module Components

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Product Specification

Product introduction:

The KX3 shield kit consists of five pieces: there are external radiator with a handle, the left / right side plate, a protective cover and a canvas storage bag. The left/right side plate and the radiator are made of aluminum alloy, precision processed by CNC, and the surface is treated with black (or red) sand surface oxidation treatment. Compared with the powder spray treatment on the surface of the original KX3 mainframe, it has better wear resistance and durability. Sex and texture. The left and right protruding handles effectively protect the buttons and knobs of the panel, and the protective cover is convenient to pack and carry.

This kit does not include KX3 host.
This kit does not include screws, the original PX3 screws are still used during assembly.


Material: Metal
Length: Approx.21cm/8.27inch

Package included:

2 x side panels
1 x black radiator
1 x protective cover
1 x canvas bag