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CAMTOA Headlight Led Headlamp Super Bright 5 Lighting Mode Headlight Adjustable 3 AAA Battery Lantern Case Included IPX6 Waterproof Headlamp Super Bright Camp Trekking Bike for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


1. The headlamp band made of comfortable elastic material wraps the head. Its wide, thick, plastic buckle allows you to adjust it. The band is easy to adjust, move the buckle and adjust to a position where you feel comfortable quickly and easily.
2. Super bright light. The white light makes you easier to see in the dark.
3.5 lighting modes: The headlights have two buttons, but the left side is day mode, super bright, low light, flash. On the right is a super bright red light and a strobe red light.
4. Lightweight and compact, this headlamp weighs about 75g including 3 x AAA batteries.
5. You can adjust the angle of the light to point to the ground or straight ahead. The adjustable range is 0-60 degrees.
6. Durable and waterproof, ideal for working on rainy days or in the sea or river, and earthquake proof. (Waterproof for daily life, cannot be put in water)
7. Cool casing, and can be placed in a lantern case to make a lantern that is convenient to carry. You can use each in a camping tent, put on a picnic bench. Very convenient!

Package Included:

1 x headlamp
1 x portable hard case
3 x AAA battery

Please Note:

1. Do not irradiate human eyes directly to avoid injury! !! !!
2. Check the positive and negative electrodes before installing the battery. Incorrect installation can damage the product.
3. Our headlights are waterproof, but please do not use them in the rain for a long time. Also, do not put it in water.
4. Do not allow the temperature to be too high to ensure heat dissipation during use. High power headlights normally give off heat. If the temperature is too high, close the light or switch to low light and you can continue to use it after cooling.