120A 63V 10000UF Rectifier Filter Power Supply Board for Sound Speaker Amplifier Filter Audio Board Dual 24V DIY Home Theater

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Product Specification


Double-sided tinned PCB board, with 4 original imported disassemble Schottky 30A150V equivalent to 120A bridge pile.
Schottky's characteristics are fast speed and low internal resistance. Therefore, it is more capable than the ordinary rectifier originals. The high capacity of the power amplifier is sufficient for the power supply, and the error is about 3%.

Size: length 130mm x width 79mm x height 55MM
Weight: 0.27KG
Support: dual AC input below 42V
Finished board capacitor: Ina 10000uf 63V electrolytic capacitor
Large capacitance pitch: support 5 special feet
Mountable capacitance to long diameter: 35MM

Package included:

1 x Rectifier Filter Power Supply Board (Finished board)