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Mobile Radio Transceiver&Transmitter

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We have the new way to do the church services now-Drive-in church using the FM broadcast transmitter in the parking lot. Many FM transmitters in the market are out of stock, but Retekess makes the new one meet the marking needs.
Pls check the details of TR508



1. This stereo FM transmitter can easily built a wonderful FM radio station. And it has a beautiful aluminum alloy cover.

We presents a brand new 500mW PLL FM Stereo Transmitter for FM stereo broadcasting, built in LCD display with blue backlight,

Built in micro controller for frequency control and display. Built in FM stereo transmitter IC with PLL technology, surface-mount tech, reliable working condition. The transmission frequency is highly stable, compact design with aluminum enclosure.

2. Transmission distance more than 300 meters (In the line of sight,field, open land). This transmitter is ideal for al stereo audio broadcasting, MP3, PC, TV, wireless speakers, game device, etc.

The FM Transmitter will not between stations because of our advanced stereo PLL Digital Tuner Technology.

The FM Transmitter use the control panel buttons to control the frequency that it broadcasts on so if the power is lost and then restored it will begin broadcasting back on that exact same frequency.

3. This avoids any need to reset the FM Transmitter back to the frequency you original y wanted. We use a switch to turn the transmitter on and off.

This allows the transmitter to automatically turn back if power were to be lost and then restored.

The FM Transmitter is designed to operate non-stop 24/7.

The higher you place the antenna the farther you will transmit.

Complete easy to follow plug & play instructions are included plus tips on getting the best distance possible.

If you can match a good antenna to the FM transmitter, the effect will be better. The transmission range depends on many factors.

The true distance is based on the sensitivity of the receiver, antenna of the receiver, and the building and other obstructions,

which are between the transmitter and receiver. And the distance will be much more in countryside.




1 working voltage 11-13V DC
(Rated voltage 12 v)
2 working current <300mA
3 frequency domain 76-108Mhz
4 frequency stability ±10PPM
5 stepped frequency 100KHZ
6 The operating temperature -10℃-50℃
of the environment
7 output impedance 500Ω
8 Rf power output range H:500mW (L:100mW)
9 Harmonic and
noise radiation ≤-60dB
10 audio distortion <0.30%
11 freauencv response 20HZ-15000HZ
12 Preemphasis delay 50us
13 degree of separation ≥40 dB
14 input level ≤-10dBV
15 Modulation frequency deviation ±75KHZ
16 SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio) ≥65 dB
17 Machine Size L:113mm;
18 Machine weight 269g

Package Included:

1 x TR508 FM Transmitter

1 x 100~240V US Power Supply

1 x 3.5mm Audio Cable

1 x Rubber Antenna