Alctron VS22 Mobile Media Videographer Stand Shooting Childs Sports Game Birthday Party Family Vacation A Snap

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Mobile Photography

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Product Specification



The VS22 is designed for Tablet PC for filmmakers, educators, students, and casual users.

Made from high-grade ABS blend and metal stands, they are extremely tough and durable and can stand up to any shooting environment.

The Two accessory mounts along the top allow for easy attachment of lighting and audio gear such as video microphones etc.

A rugged tripod mount supports any standard tripod, monopod, or portable dolly, making continuous shooting a breeze.

Casual users can now shoot like a pro.

This easy, secure snaps-on case makes shooting your child's sports game, birthday party, or family vacation a snap.

The VS22  can help you confidently film the memories you want to capture.

Net weight: 535g

Gross weight: 769g

Length: 348mm

Width: 248mm

Variable distance: 128-200mm


Package Included:


1 x VS22 Bracket

1 x User Manual