MIJING K22 Phone Motherboard PCB Fixture Board IC Chip BGA Repair Holder For High Temperature Board Repair Remove for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

- This design has three adjustable distances. During the use of the fixture to prevent movement, a special anti-skid pad, easy to heat.
It allows the hot air to get out more efficiently.
- The rotating shaft locks the motherboard or IC more effectively and is fixed without rebounding.
- The fixture also supports IC type in addition to the gum fixing fixture, fixture design to withstand the force of IC beam, can well support the EMPTY part of THE IC, to avoid in addition to the vinyl IC crack.
- Fixtures can be adjusted at different distances from high, medium, and low levels. It is necessary to loosen the two screws at the bottom, move the retaining plate to the proper gear position, and then tighten the bottom screw to lock.

SizeAbout 15.5x8.2x2.1cm
Package Included1x Repair Tool