500W 30LED UV Nail Dryer Motion Sensor 30/60/99s Time Settiing Display Nail Lamp for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

- The use of high-profile environmental protection PC material
- Can curing various nail gels such as UV Gel / LED Gel / Builder / Hard gels
- Have a digital tube display, so that curing time more intuitive
- With dual light source (UV + LED), for a wide range, according to dry armor oil, light plastic, extend the plastic lamp
- 180° Big Space Cure nails: 30 UV led lights , no dead zone , all nails can be dry at the same time
- 3 kinds of time setting: 30s, 60s ,99s timer, shorten curing time by 50%. 99s low heat mode, protect skin and eye, no blacken
- High-tech intelligent infrared sensor, intelligent send and receive infrared sensor, to break the traditional sensor mode of radiation
- Automatic Sensor & LCD Display screen: Hand reaches in, machine start to work, LCD display screen start to record timing that you cured

Color: Pink/White
Led lights: 30 UV LEDs
Dual light source: 365nm+405nm
Model time: 30s/60s/99s

Package List:
1 * LED Nail Lamp
1 * USB Cable Line