VIMCENT YM-200 M2 Wired 360テつー Pickup Audio Omnidirectional Microphone Conference Microphone Webcast Microphone with USB Cable for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Model: YM-200
Microphone type: condenser
Shell material: zinc alloy + metal mesh cover
Color: Black
Interface type: USB 2.0
Applicable objects: computer, conference, home
Dimensions: 70mm diameter
Directional characteristics: omnidirectional / non-directional
Channel: 2
Directional characteristics: Omnidirectional
Channel: mono
Microphone use: notebook, desktop computer
Product size (diameter/thickness): 70mm*15mm
Product weight: 137g
Sensitivity: -47dB, +/- 3dB
Frequency response range: 100-16000HZ
Maximum sound pressure ratio: 110dB
Signal to noise ratio:> 58dB
Pickup distance: 2 meters recommended, up to 3 meters pickup radius
Cable length: about 2m


Ultra long-distance pickup-effective pickup within 3 meters radius, high fidelity and high definition sound quality WeChat
360 degree omnidirectional pickup microphone with USB interface

1. USB driver-free, plug-and-play, ultra-long-distance pickup, effective pickup within a radius of 3 meters, high-fidelity and high-definition sound
2. It has extremely wide frequency response, fast transient response characteristics and ultra-high sensitivity characteristics, and can collect sound at 360 degrees;
3. Say goodbye to the uniform appearance, unique design will brighten your eyes, and the round design full of design sense will make the microphone pick up better;
4. Use electrophoresis technology to ensure safety and environmental protection.
5. Comes with a 2m USB cable to meet most field wiring requirements.
6. Can display the characteristics of original sound reproduction, with extremely wide frequency response, ultra-high sensitivity, fast transient response, ultra-low-handling noise, drop-resistant and impact-resistant characteristics , Has the unique advantages of small size and light weight.

Package includes:

1 * 360テつー Pickup Audio Omnidirectional Microphone