VIMCENT YM 100 M1 Wired 360 Pickup Omnidirectional Microphone AUX 3 5mm Audio Conference Microphone YY QQ skype WeChat Live Microphone for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Model: YM-100
Frequency response range: 100HZ-10000HZ
Sensitivity: -37dB, +/- 3dB
Input voltage: 1-10V, Max10V
Input impedance: <680Ω
Maximum sound pressure ratio: 60dB
Signal to noise ratio:> 70dB, 1kHz at 1Pa
Directivity: 360o omnidirectional / non-directional
Radio head type: capacitor electret
Pickup distance: 2m
Interface type: 3.5mm
Shell material: zinc alloy + metal mesh cover
Microphone use: notebook, desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet universal
Compatible systems: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Data line length: about 15m
Size and weight: D45mm * H285mm; about 80g


1) It has extremely wide frequency response, fast transient response characteristics and ultra-high sensitivity characteristics, and can collect sound at 360 degrees;
2) Say goodbye to the uniform appearance, unique design to brighten your eyes, and the diamond design full of design sense makes the microphone pick up better;
3) Adopt electrophoresis technology and pickup grade polyethylene material to ensure safety and environmental protection. The connector is delicate and shiny, eliminating the current sound that may be caused by the connector from the source;
4) Can show the characteristics of original sound reproduction, have extremely wide frequency response, have ultra-high sensitivity, fast transient response, have ultra-low-touch noise (Handling Noise), have resistance to drop and impact , Has the unique advantages of small size and light weight.

Note: Some laptop earphones and microphone holes can be used separately, but most laptops are two-in-one holes for microphones and earphones. You cannot use this microphone directly. You need a separate converter to separate the earphones and microphone use.

Package includes:

1 * 360° Pickup Audio Omnidirectional Microphone