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Product Specification


1. Rechargeable USB Receiver & Two Mode
   This microphone is an upgraded version, new upgrade: The USB receiver is rechargeable with DC-5V USB Charge Port, so it can be charged anywhere, anytime. The USB receiver can be set to any line-in mode and bluetooth mode.
2. Strong suppression & top sound quality
    Adopts UHF technology to realize high suppression. Supports 10 optional channels, which are switched by the set button on the microphone, so you avoid the noise signal anytime, anywhere, realize clear and undistorted sound quality. The working distance is up to 50m. You can just enjoy top sound quality and singing free of cable and distance.
3. High-quality microphone
    With high-quality metallic construction and steel net-shaped microphone grille, the microphones can withstand corrosion and shock. The microphones are well equipped with noise suppression elements to ensure outstanding clarity by filtering out the unwanted background noise and suppressing the whistling sound.
4. Easy to use & portability
    Light weight and easy to carry. The USB receiver with 3.5mm plug can plug into pc laptop powerbank to get power. Thanks to the included 6.5mm plug, it is also compatible with power amplifier, mixer, car audio and so on. The bluetooth-connected and battery-powered microphone system allow the performance a maximum freedom of movement on the stage.

Package Included:

1 * K380H handheld microphone
1 * receiver
1 * USB cable
1 * rubber rolling
1 * manual
1 * 3.5 mm into the 6.5 mm adapter
1 * 3.5mm extension cable