LENSGO LYM DM30 Cardioid External Microphone Remote Recording Mic for DSLR Camera Camcorder Smartphone PC Computer Laptop Video Recording Camcorder

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Product Specification



An external microphone can be connected to form a dialogue recording mode.

The real-time ear-back jack can be connected to the earphone to monitor whether the recorded sound source is normal and make adjustments.

Unique shock-proof frame design, soft shock-proof material and original ecological deer shape, effectively reduce the vibration noise caused by jitter.

One-key switch applicable recording equipment, universal multiple recording equipment: camcorders, DSLR cameras, mobile phones, computers and portable recorders.

Simple operation panel design, intelligent noise reduction is turned on by one button.

Outdoor shooting windproof hair cover can effectively remove the noise produced by the outside world and itself, restore high-fidelity sound quality, and bring a better experience.


Device Installation:


1. Loosen the cold shoe fixing plate counterclockwise upwards, push the product cold shoe into the hot shoe opening of the recording device, and lock the cold shoe fixing plate clockwise.

2. Connect the 3.5mm TRS audio cable to the input interface of the recording device.


Package Included:


1 x Microphone

1 x Manual