LENSGO KD96 Condenser Studio Recording Microphone Capacitive Mic for iOS Android Mobile Phone PC Laptop Live Broadcast Mic K Song Computer

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Product Specification



The KD96 condenser microphone has a unique design and is available in three colors of red/yellow/black.

Built-in φ25 electret, small size, lightweight, simple structure, wide frequency response, high sensitivity, and vibration resistance.

The cardioid pointing microphone has a shielding effect on the sounds behind and to the side, and its cardioid design can eliminate indoor environmental sounds (ambient sounds), acoustic feedback, and sounds of other musical instruments.

There are two switches on each side, one can adjust the volume and the other can filter the low frequency.

The precision XLR cable, using high-quality alloy, makes the sound transmission more stable and smooth, and avoids the loss of sound quality.

It can be used for recording dubbing, live streaming, recording of musical instruments, etc.


Package Included:


1 x Microphone

1 x Mic Cable