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Mesh & Wire Cloth

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Product Specification

Material: Willow
Name: Flower Fence
Telescopic Size: Max for 2M (6.56FT)
Cleaning method: Wipe with a damp cloth and dry naturally.
TypeA - Scindapsus LeavesB - Apple Leaves
Size(Heigth) S - 40CM (15.7")
M - 70CM (27.5")

1.Made of willow, hand polished, no burr, mildewproof, moisture proof, stable, carefully selected hardware accessories, solid and stable structure,
2.Large enough to provide plenty of room for effective growth; suitable for gardens, backyards and small spaces
3.Simple installation: The wooden stakes are driven into the soil, and the wooden fences can be fixed with tie or wire. Simply arrange them to make your garden look different.
4.A variety of size options to meet your space needs
5.Applicable scene: This retractable wooden fence can be used for shopping mall decoration, KTV bars, restaurants, parks and other places for holiday activities with green vines, which is an excellent view.

Package Included:
1 x Fence

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