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Mesh & Wire Cloth

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Product Specification

Color: Green+Black
Material: High tenacity polypropylene
Mesh Size: 45mm Square
#1: 2M * 1.4M
#2: 3M * 2M
#3: 3.7M* 1.5M
#4: 3.7M* 2.7M
#5: 4M * 2M; 
1. Large heavy duty cargo scramble / climbing nets in various sizes, available in Green color.
2. These nets are a valuable addition to any play area and make excellent and long lasting gifts.
3. These good quality strong and durable synthetic nets can be used for a wide variety of things including on trucks and trailers as cargo or load securing netting, on the top of hen coops to keep them in, on top of tarpaulins and roof sheets to prevent wind damage, stage and theatre props and scenery, scramble nets, climbing frames, treehouse bridge and pirate sail boat access nets, trampoline and swing nets, bushcraft camping activities, Ninja warrior battle obstacle mudder and rocky mountain fitness challenge assault course layout, hammocks, tp plant supports, playhouse log cabins and den building games, camouflage, tykes toy nursery playgrounds etc.
4. They were originally used as outdoor industrial construction safety nets and so are very strong and durable.
5. They can be machine washed on a cool gentle cycle using soap flakes, and dry very quickly.
6. The green and black nets are excellent for woodland camo structures as they blend in very well with leaves and other natural materials.
Package Included:
1 x Net