7 Pcs/Set Metal Dice Set Role Playing Dragons Table Game With Cloth Bag Bar Party Game Dice for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Mesh & Wire Cloth

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Product Specification

Technical Specifications:
Material: Zinc Alloy

Features and Benefits:
-COMPLETE POLYHEDRAL DICE SET - Comes with 7 metal dice for all your gaming needs: 1xD20, 1xD12, 2xD10 (one 00-90, one 0-9), 1xD8, 1xD6, 1xD4.
-EASY READING- Large and easy to read numbers, new font enamel dice.
-GREAT HAND FEEL- Heavy irresistible hand feel Zinc alloy metal dice with shiny enamel finish, bears the test of time.
-MARVELOUS LOOK- Beautiful, great for dice collection or as a gift.
-MULTI PURPOSES- Used for tabletop RPG games as D&D(Dungeons and Dragons), Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World, Yahtzee and many other RPG and card games.

Package Contents:
7 Pcs/Set Metal Dice Set