4 Colors 4mm 110m Natural Cotton Twisted Cord Rope Macrame Linen Jute DIY Braided Wire Hand Craft for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Mesh & Wire Cloth

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Product Specification

Name: Cotton Rope
Material: 90% Cotton
Color: Apricot Color/Coffee/Lake Blue/Black
Diameter: 4 mm
Length: About 110 Meter/120.3 Yd
Weight: About 500 g
1. Enjoy your DIY time.
2. Blended cotton products (90% cotton).
3. Especially suitable for craftsmen and handicraft lover.
4. Traditional handicraft, multi strand knit, clear grain.
5. Excellent for gardening, crafts, bundling, or packaging.
6. Great at making different kind of crafts, including wall hangings, tapestry ropes, dream catchers, Bohemia wedding decorations, and so on.
7. An eco-friendly choice for a variety of purposes, including jewelry-making, scrapbooks, handmade cards, drawstrings, gardening, home decorations, and so on.
Package Included:
1 x Linen Rope