YJ Classic MBL6010 Line Fully Balanced Version Remote Control Pre amp bluetooth Fever HIFI Pre amplifier for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Using original JRC5534 JRC5532, with a gold-plated IC socket, you can freely replace other op-amp IC according to your preferences

The main filter capacitor adopts the famous brand NOVER 10000UF/35Vx2 capacitor, the electrolytic capacitor signal secondary circuit adopts the Ina ELNA brand name 680UF, and the other capacitors use German Siemens and Weimar.

The resistance is made of metal to ensure a good signal-to-noise ratio of the whole machine.

The PCB adopts a 1.6mm thick double-sided board, 2.0 oz copper thickness, and full gold sinking process to ensure the good passing performance of large and small currents. First-class PCB quality.

This board has reasonable wiring, a beautiful appearance and low current noise. If you think other tone boards have loud current noise and poor sound quality, then this one is your best choice!

The circuit is exactly the same as MBL6010D, and it uses more optimized components.

4 groups of RCA single-ended inputs, 1 group of XLR balanced inputs

XLR balanced input and output are wired according to European and Japanese standards, 1 ground 2 negative 3 positive

With buffered input, the sound is very vivid and the density of the sound is increased. It is highly recommended that you give it a try

1 set of RCA single-ended output, 1 set of XLR balanced output

Ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio (116dB), low distortion

AP measured: 0-100K straight

Green RubiksCube 25M25-04 Pouring Bull

The standard configuration of the potentiometer is the Japanese quadruple ALPS electric motor potentiometer

CNC machined all-aluminum standard chassis

Overall dimension 430x210x55MM

Net weight: 3.8KG

Input voltage AC100V-240V


The bluetooth function can only be used when switching to 1 channel input, switch to 1 channel to connect to bluetooth play, disconnect Bluetooth and switch to 1 analog input, bluetooth connection is preferred.

Package Included:     

1 x Preamplifier