Dual ES9038Q2M Fiber Coaxial USB CSR8675 bluetooth 5 0 Enthusiast DAC Decoder for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


The electrolytic capacitor signal main circuit adopts Taiwan famous brand, and the main filter capacitor adopts imported special capacitors to ensure strong and continuous power support.

The resistance uses five-ring metal resistors, and the main circuit uses high-precision chip resistors to ensure a good signal-to-noise ratio of the whole machine.

PCB adopts a 1.6mm thick RF4 board, 2.0 oz copper thickness, and a full gold plating process to ensure the good passing performance of large and small currents. First-class PCB quality.

Using Taiwan pure copper (brass) plated 24K gold, plug-in RCA seat

The op-amp uses better OPA1611 OPA1612

The display adopts the latest technology OLED 2.23-inch high-definition display

USB adopts XMOS208 imported chip, gold-plated USB socket

The chassis is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy deep processing

Voltage: DC 9V (with 100V-240VAC to 9VDC adapter)

Size: length 103xwidth 150xheight 40MM

Net weight: 0.6KG


Input Support:

Coaxial: PCM44.1k-192k 24bit/DOP DSD64

Fiber: PCM44.1k-192k 24bit/DOP DSD64

USB: PCM44.1k-384k 32bit/DSD64, DSD128, DSD256

Package Included:     

1 x DAC Decoder