DAREU EK861 Mechanical Keyboard Triple Mode Hot Swappable Wired 2 4GHz bluetooth 5 1 RGB 61 Keys ABS Keycaps Dareu Switch Rechargeable Gaming Keyboard for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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Product Specification



- Brand Name: DAREU

- Model Number: EK861

- Layout: 61 Keys

- Connection: Triple Mode - Type-C Wired + bluetooth 3.0/5.0 + 2.4GHz

- Working Distance: ≤10m

- Backlight: RGB

- Battery Capacity: 1900mAh

- Keycap: ABS

- Hot Swappable: Supports 3 pin / 5 pin Switch

- Size: about 290 * 101 * 42mm
- Weight: about 590g

- Operating System: for Mac / Win 7 or above system / Android



â—† Wired / 2.4GHz / bluetooth Connect. Keyboard supports three kinds of connect modes: USB wired, 2.4G and BT, which allows for more devices (notebook, pad, phones). bluetooth supports two channels ( 3.0 &5.0 ).

â—† Wear-resistant ABS keycaps.

â—† Compact Design, Powerful Function. Compact 61-key layout (approximately equal to 15.6-inch notebook) is equipped with standard keyboard functions, which makes keyboard portable and brings joys of using mechanical keyboard on mobile devices.

â—† Hot Swappable, Supports 3 pin / 5 pin Switch.

â—† Lithium Battery for Long Endurance. 1900mAh lithium battery allows for continuous 20 days of playtime with LED off, and 4 days with LED on, use-while- charging function is available.

â—† Magnectic Feet Design. Seldom could we find feet to adjust keyboard height on compact sized mechanical keyboard. But on EK861, we originally design magnetic feet, rotating which by 90 degrees, users could lift keyboard 3.5mm higher for needs.

Driver Download(20220321 update)


Package included:


1 * DAREU EK861 Mechanical Keyboard

1 * Type-C Cable

1 * User Manual