2 2L 220V Portable Home Air Dehumidifier Mute Bedroom Air Purifier Mini Moisture Absorption Dryer for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Magnetic Stirrer

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Product Specification

Type: #1: With Remote control
Size: about 245*137*375mm
[Conversion: 1mm=0.03937 inch, 1inch=25.4 mm]
Voltage: AC 220V/50HZ
Input Power: 90W
Applicable area: 0-30m2
Water tank capacity: 2200ML
Dehumidification: <1.1L/h
Suitable for: bedroom, office, living room, villas, warehouses, bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe, basements.

1. Intelligent display. display humidity and temperature.
2. purify indoor air. make the air fresh.
3. Continuous drainage.
4. Deodorizing, sterilization, air purification.
5. High efficiency absorb moisture in your damp conditions.
Package Included:
1 x Home Dehumidifier