80 200KG Double Side Neodymium Fishing Salvage Recovery Magnet with 10M Rope for Detecting Metal Treasure for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification

Colour: Silver
RS48: product size: 48x48x18mm, weight: approx. 500g, tension 80kg
RS60: product size: 60x60x22mm, weight: approx. 730g, tension 120kg
RS67: product size: 67x67x25mm, weight: about 990g, tension 150kg
RS75: product size: 75x75x25mm, weight: about 1150g, tension 200kg

1. Magnet comes with a eye bolt ring.Unique design Structure makes its function more powerful.
2. Four kinds of pulling force optional:80kg, 120kg, 150kg, 200kg.
3. Double-sided magnetic design Better used for magnet fishing.
4. Design for heavy duty and underwater application, suitable for any place that requires strong magnetic force.
5. Magnet just only attracts iron, ferrous metal, and nickel, do not attract gold, silver, copper, and their alloy and stainless steel.

Package Included:
1 x Magnet
1 x Rope
1 x Ring