3 Led Multipurpose Pull Out LOUPE MAGNIFIER 30x 45x 60x

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Product Specification

3 Led Multipurpose Pullout LOUPE MAGNIFIER 30x 45x 60x

Main Features:
x Brand new.
x Premium quality, ideal for the watch or jewelry making industry.
x The lens has 20mm diameter and 10mm. 
x Great tool for reading book and paper,  jewelry, coins, stamps and antiques etc.
x Pullout and tiny design, portable and easy to carry.
Magnification: 30x and 45x and 60x
Lens Diameter: 20mm diameter and 10mm
Illumination: 3 LED light, 1 led can use as a small torch, 1 purple light led has currency detecting function.
1 led help you read in the dark lighting conditions.
Reading, jewellery evaluating, lighting and  currency detecting etc. Small volume, easy to carry, unipue meshed skid-proof design for outer housing.
Light powered by 3 LR1130 batteries (included)
Size: 9.8(L) x 4.8(W) x 1.8(H)cm approx
Weight: 50g

Package include:
1 X Loupe