Padlock Pick Set For Locksmith Training 38/24/17/15/11/5pcs Lock Pick Practice Tools Hooks Set for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Ideal for mechanic and locksmiths to get out broken keys.

Locks provide us with security we need not only at home but something else. But the daily use of our keys 

over years can cause metal fatigue and breakage.

Trying to get a broken key out of a lock can be tricky. This is a broken key removal set that is great for your 

home or office and a must have for anyone.


Name: Lock unlocking maintenance tools

Weight: 0.026 kg

Purpose: multifunctional household maintenance tool, can be used for unlocking

Specification: 5/11/15/17/24/38 PCS

Package Included:

1 x Lock unlocking maintenance tools(5/11/15/17/24/38 pcs Set for Optional)

Detail Pictures: