DANIU Professional 12 in 1 Lock Disassembly Tool Locksmith Tools Kit Remove Lock Repairing pick Set for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


Easily unweave and install locks.

For civilian lock maintenance, key anti-theft lock core change, testing and so on.

An essential tool for locksmiths and lock enthusiasts.

Well packed in a plastic cover box.

Package Included:


1 x Cir clip remover tool.

1 x Long nosed pliers to help replace the cir clip once removed.

1 x Stainless steel non-magnetic tweezers.

1 x G clamp to holding down and securing driver pins.

1 x 12.5mm plug follower.

1 x 12.5mm plug holder.

1 x 12.5mm hollow plug follower.

3 x 12.5mm follower sections.

1 x 9.5mm plug follower.

1 x 9.5mm plug holder.


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