44 Pcs Lock Repair Sets Unlocking Practice Lock Pick Key Extractor Padlock Kit for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Locksmith Supplies

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Product Specification


This is the improved new design pick set, more springy, durable and easy to use
It will come out in perfect smooth working condition with no loose parts or pins
It features a transparent cutaway you can see all the movements the pins make and what exactly triggered this movement
Perfect for the locksmith in the making, Lock enthusiasts or just mechanically curious people


1. Hard Titanium & PU storage Bag
2. Wear-resistant Bag
3. Lightweight & Portable
4. Suitable for hook & scissors style

Lock Pick Set:
A good selection of lock picks, rakes, hook picks and a dimple rake.
Comes in a handy zippered leather case, convenient for your collection and carry.

Transparent Lock:
Lock with open chambers on all the moving parts that allow you to see how it work.
Can see clearly that how the pians work when a key is inserted.
In perfect smooth working condition with no loose parts or pins will come out.
You actually can see the pins moving up and down as the key slides into and out of the lock.


Material: alloy steel
Type: lock repair tools
Numbers: 44PCS

Package Includes:

1 x Lock
2 x Keys
4 x Tension Wrenchs
1 x Y-shape Tension Wrench
20 x Locksmith Crochet Hoo
1 x Bag
1 x card
4 x tools
10 x lock clip

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