Machifit SBR12 1000mm Support Linear Rail Optical Axis Guide with 2pcs SBR12UU Bearing Blocks for Sale with BTC on


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Linear Rail

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Product Specification

MACHIFIT SBR12 1000mm support linear rail optical axis guide with 2pcs SBR12UU bearing blocks.

Model SBR12
Material Axle - 45 Carbon Steel 
Optical Shaft Bracket - Aluminum
Guideway accuracy Axis accuracy of g6 level
Guide hardness Axial hardness of 58-60 degrees (HRC58-60o)
Optical axis length 1000mm
Diameter 12mm
Color Silver
- High hardness, long life and durability.
- Application: The linear optical axis is widely used in automatic transmission devices, such as engraving machinery, woodworking machinery, printing machinery,
industrial robots and so on.
Package Included:
1 x SBR 12-1000 mm rail
2 x SBR12UU Blocks
More Details: