LUSTREON KV212 Mini Fast Wire Connector Universal Wiring Cable Connector Push-in Conductor Terminal Block for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


â—†Material: The Shell Is Flame Retardant Pc, and the Interior Is Copper 304 Stainless Steel

â—†Weight: 2 in 2 out (7g)(This Weight Data Is Measured Manually for Reference Only, and the Actual Weight Is Subject to the Actual Product!)

â—†Application: Suitable for Connecting Parts of Electric Wires Such as Motor, Electrical Control, Power Supply, Home Appliance Decoration, Machinery, Etc.

â—†Features: Safe and Flame Retardant, Easy to Install, Fast and Convenient, Time-Saving and Labor-Saving, Durable.


Model No: KV212

Shell: PA66

Conductor: Copper

Rated current: 32A

Rated Voltage: 600V

Connection Capacity: 0.08-4.0mm²/28-12AWG

Stripping length: 9-10mm

Package Included:  

1 x Quick Connection Terminal