IP66 Weatherproof Outdoor BOX Wall Socket 13A Double Universal / UK Switched Outlet With USB Charging Port for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


【IP66 WATERPROOF DESIGN】This outdoor socket using high quality PC material, UV protection, corrosion resistance. This product is installed vertically and is guaranteed to be closed. The waterproof rating can reach IP66.
【SAFE AND CONVENIENT TO USE】Outdoor socket directly install the padlock to prevent stealing electricity. It can be opened at any time when it needs electricity. Independent switches and LED indicators, double switch socket with RCD for safe electricity.
【USER-FRIENDLY DESIGN】This socket has a lockable cover to prevent accidental opening, the plug can be directly connected from the switch, without affecting the sealing of the cover, the material of the sealing ring is made of rubber, which can play the role of waterproof and dustproof.
【APPLICABLE OCCASIONS】parks, gardens, garages, outdoor and other wet places. (Note: It is best to ask a professional electrician to install to ensure the safety of electricity.)


Voltage: 110-240V
Material: Plastic
Single Size: 16x11.8x8.5CM(6.3x4.6x3.3")
Double Size: 17.5x16x8.5CM(6.9x6.3x3.3")

Package includes:

1 x Wall Socket