7 Colors DIY Lotus Chandelier Shape Ceiling Pendant Light Lampshade Home Decor for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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Product Specification


-Suitable for living room chandelier table lamp, E27 lamp holder.

-Can be hung upside down, it will be more like a lotus.

-No glue or tool are required. The pieces can simply slot into each other to form a beautiful pendant light shade.

-Made it to be a wonderful lampshade, DIY your own lamp.

-Easy to assemble.

-Durable PP Plastic with long serving life.



Color(Option): White/ Orange/ Blue/ Purple/ Red/ Green/ Yellow

Height: About 50cm / 19.6"

Material: PP Plastic


Package Included:


48 x Lotus Lamp Shade Leaf

1 x Manual

1 x Inner Tube

1 x Circle


Detail Pictures: