AC180 245V JG 2S One Channel 433Mhz Wireless Remote Control Light Switch for Incandescent Lamp LED Light for Sale with BTC on


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Light Switches

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Product Specification

Input voltage: AC180-245V 50/60Hz
Output channel: one channel
Frequency: 433Mhz
Max. load: incandescent lamp≤1000W, energy saving lamp≤200W(≤6 lamps), H tube≤280W(≤5 lamps), LED lamp≤200W(≤8 lamps)
Battery type: 27A 12V
Working temperature:<85℃
Remote control distance: 20M(no obstacle)
Receiver: 66*36*22mm
Transmitter: 59*30*12mm
Easy to use, convenient
Just press the remote control key, no need to walk to turn off the light.
Suitable for home, school, hotel, Office, etc.
Manual function:
Wall switch on, light on
Wall switch off, light off
(The remote control needs to be used when the wall switch is turned on)
Remote control function:

Press"unlock" button, light on
Press"lock" button, light off
Package included:

1*JG-1S one channel light switch