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Product Specification

Polarizer 3 Colors Underwater Diving UV Lens Filter For Gopro Hero 3+


This filter is designed for diving fans who like taking photos and videos under water. Due to wave refraction, pictures taken underwater may suffer color distortion. Using this color correction filter, pictures taken under water will be more lively and natural.
Red: Used in the depth of water 10-20 metres, at noon ( when sun beat down upon the water), smoke filters, to restoring red absorbed by water.
Yellow: Used in tropical waters, in the morning, shallow water, in blue water, to correct the white balance, effectively improve the quality shooting.
Purple: There are many suspended solids in lakes and these solids always absorbs very little green light, thus results in strong scattered light. Plants in lakes also make lakes present green. That is why lakes always show as light blue or green on the surface. This filter will color correct the color. It usually used in green water or nightfall. Scenery/portrait photography can stronger the dreaming artistic effects.


Color Correction For Tropical and Blue Green Water Scuba Diving
Best suited for Depths of 12 to 65 feet
Constructed using tough optically correct acrylic
Snap-On Design-Easy to Install and Remove
Dramatically improves underwater colors
Color : Red / Yellow / Purple
Suitable for: Gopro hero 3+ with waterproof housing

Package Included:

1 x Underwater Diving Filter For Gopro

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