Commlite CM EF EOSM Booster for Canon EF to EOS M Camera 0 71x Speed AF Focal Reducer Lens Adapter for Canon EOS M6 M10 M50 M100 for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


USB Firmware Upgrading

0.71x Focal Reducer Booster

EXIF Info. Transmitting

Support Auto Focus Function

Electronic Aperture Control

Built-in IS Stabilization Function

Gold-plated Contact Pins for Great Conductivity

1/4 Bottom Tripod Base Plate

CNC Processing with Aluminum Alloy Made

Compatible Lens:

EF Series Lens(For specific compatible lens models, please enter the official website to view the compatibility table)

Compatible Camera: 

EOSM Mount Camera(For specific compatible camera models, please enter the official website to view the compatibility table)

Front installation: EF Series Lens

Rear installation: EOSM Mount Camera

Camera-Mount Outer Diameter: 61mm

Lens-Mount Outer Diameter: 67.5mm

Length: 26mm 

Net Weight: 144g


1.This adapter supports the for Canon EF series lens and does not support EF-S series lens for the flange distance feature;

2.This adapter is built-in with a USB firmware upgrade port, please pay attention to the Commlite website to learn the update information in the first place;

3. After installing EF-EOSM Booster, please set the lens to AF mode if the AF function is needed;

4.After selecting the correct shooting mode, the camera can automatically calculate the exposure time according to the real-time incoming light of the lens;

5.This adapter is built-in with an optical correction group, when using the adapter, the focus of the lens should be multiplied by 0.71, then multiplied by 1.5 (the focus multiplier), the result is the lens actually equivalent focus;

6.For some incompatible camera and lens, one can try to use the adapter as the manual adapter; During the usage, while it shows a prompt like 'Incorrect installation of the lens', please set the menu mode to 'Release Shutter without Lens' or 'Shutter Priority;

Package Included:     

1 x Commlite CM-EF-EOSM Lens Adapter