Commlite CM AEF MFT Electronic AF Auto Focus Lens Mount Adapter for Canon EOS EF EF S to M4/3 Lens for Panasonic GH3 for Olympus OM D for Sale with BTC on


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Product Specification


Support AF function

Support Exif Transmitting

Support Electronic Aperture Control

Support IS Stabilization

1/4 Thread Tripod Foot at the Bottom

Aluminum Alloy Made, Powerful and Stable

Compatible Lens: EF/EF-S Series Lens

Compatible Camera: M4/3 Mount Camera

Front installation: EF/EF-S Series Lens

Back installation: M4/3 Mount Camera

Camera-mount outer diameter: 39mm

Lens-mount outer diameter: 67mm

Length: 85mm

Net Weight: 211g


The adapter comes with functions as ‘Electronic Aperture Control, EXIF Transmitting, AF†, be sure your camera and lens showed in our compatibility list before usage; Otherwise, there may happen with ‘Black Screen†, ‘Aperture Can†t be realized†, ‘Not AF†;

If it happens with some unusual problems, please turn it off and return on the camera;

For some incompatible camera and lens, one can try to use the adapter as the manual adapter; During the usage, while it shows prompt like ‘Incorrect installation of the lens†, please set the menu mode to ‘Release Shutter without Lens†or ‘Shutter Priority.

Package Included:  

1 x Commlite CM-AEF-MFT