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LED Strip Lights

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Product Specification


1. This product is different from other products on the market. It can be powered not only by battery but also by USB. Energy saving, low calorific value;

2. Good color consistency and large luminescence Angle (180°);

3. good flexibility, can be bent at will not break, can be bent into various shapes (not right Angle);

4. The colors are pure, soft and gorgeous, and various colors or transformations can be customized according to requirements;

5. Long life, with an average life of 50,000 hours, free of maintenance;

6. The product is light and thin, suitable for installation in a narrow space;

7. There is 3M double-sided adhesive tape on the back of LED light belt for easy installation and modeling;

8. Low voltage (DC5V power supply), which can ensure personal safety during use;

9. Every 3 LED is in a group. Each group can be cut at will without affecting the normal use of other groups, which is convenient for installation and will not cause waste.


Applicable Scene:

1. Home decoration (staircase lighting, hall corridor lighting, lighting decoration, edge and edge decoration);

2. Path indication and exterior wall contour decoration, billboard backlighting, advertising signs, channel signal signs, etc.;

3. Outline of buildings, buildings, Bridges, parks and squares, building lighting decoration, various indoor and outdoor lighting projects;

4. Festival decoration, activity space scenery, exhibition space decoration, exhibition hall decoration, showcase, window, props and other applications of decorative lighting;

5. Chassis decoration, high brake indication, body decoration, interior decoration;

6. hotels, bars, KTV, nightclubs and other entertainment space decorative lighting.



Waterprooft: Yes

Color: Cool White/Warm White

Length: 5m/196.9"     3m/118.1"     2m/78.7"    1m/39.4"

Board Material: PCB board

Input voltage: 5V

Number of LED lamp beads: 54/1M

Model: LED Strip


Package included:

1 x LED Strip



1. Please allow 0.5-1cm differences due to manual measurement.

2. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.

Details picture: