5M 3528 SMD 300LED RGB Waterproof Flexible Strip Light 44 keys Remote Control EU Plug DC12V for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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LED Strip Lights

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Product Specification

Input voltage: AC100/240V  50/60Hz
Power supply type: DC12V 3A adapter
Plug:EU plug
LED type:3528
LED quantity: 5m/300leds
Light color:RGB
Waterproof:waterproof IP67
Working temperature: 20-60℃
Connecting mode: common anode
Length: 5m
Male pin remote control:  
Voltage: DC5- 24V
5 lighting pattern: static,flash,strobe,fade-change,RGB smooth-change. Adjust brightness, select various auto color changing modes.
Only can enhance or weaken the brightness of the fixed color, it cannot change of the FADE mode. When the RGB color garbled, please shut down and then push"FADE7" reset,Light bar will flicker! In the open,And then see whether the corresponding R G B color, if not, please repeat the above operation!
About the DIY key, when it's pressed first time,will enter the DIY color mode,you can adjust the color per the 6 keys at above to increase or   decrease the RGB color by yourself(if other key is pressed this time, will jump out from DIY color mode).
And you can save the color which you have adjusted by pressing the DIY key once again. When next time this key is pressed,it will show the color you saved last time.
Package Included:
1*5m led strip light
1*12V 3A power adapter EU plug
2*44 key remote controllers
2*4 pin pointers