Elfeland 20m 65 6FT SMD Led Strip Lights 360LED RGB 5050 Strip Light Non Waterproof Flexible DC12V With 44 Key Remote Control for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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LED Strip Light Kit

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Product Specification

Specification model: 2x10m 360 LEDs
LED strip Lamp bead model: 5050RGB
Input voltage: DC 12V
Color: RGB colorful
Product power: MAX: 12W * 2PCS
Life span: 30000 hours
Working temperature: -40 ~ + 60
Protection level: IP20
Control method: 44-key infrared remote control
Remote control distance: MAX 5M

General Troubleshooting:
After connecting the controller and switching on the power supply, no light comes on.
 1. Check the input power supply: Please use the power adapter or the power supply of the specification we provide. The input voltage must correspond to the voltage required by the product. If the input voltage is too low it may not light up, and too high a voltage can damage the circuit. The output power (KW value) of the adapter must be equal to or greater than the power of the LED strip.
 2. Check whether the controller and the light strip are connected correctly. Make sure that each interface is properly connected.
 3. Check that the remote control is switched on.

Package Included:
1 x Controller Paste
10 x Clips
10 x Screws and Transparent Clips
2 x Four Stitches
2 x Right Angle Solder Free Terminals