Romantic Warm White Star Light String 4M 12 Stars 138LEDs IP44 Waterproof Remote Timing Night Light Wedding Party Home Decor for Sale with BTC on


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LED Strip

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Product Specification


String Length: 4m

Light Color: Warm White

Remote Control Mode: RF

Input Voltage: 110-220V

Output Voltage: 24V

Power: 0.25A 6W

LED Quantity: 138 LED

LED Type: F5

String Waterproof Rating: IP44

Packing Size: 14.5 * 14.5 * 5cm

Gross Weight: 600g

Material: PVC+Copper Wire


1. Equipped with RF remote control for easy operation. Remote control within 20 meters,can also control through obstacles,control your light strings anytime, anywhere.

2. 8 modes of lighting and flashing.They are Combination; In wave; Sequential; Slo glo; Chasing/flash; Slow fade; Twinkle/flash;Steady on,you can choose your favorite mode through the button of controller or remote control.

3. Waterproof rating of IP44, so you can use in indoor and outdoor , but the power supply and controller are not waterproof, so please pay attention to take appropriate precautions when using it in outdoors.

4. 24V DC output voltage, 138pcs led curtain string lights,energy-saving and safe to touch,also can be linked with other light strings. A power supply can drive three light strings.

5. Humanized timing function, while in the decoration can reduce energy consumption. When you press the TIMER key,the light string will flash once, indicating that the set is successful,the light string will automatically open for 6 hours and off for 18 hours,every day cycle. Of course,this is under the situation you are no longer doing any operation to the product, otherwise the timing function will be canceled.


1. Keep away from fire or other heat source.

2. Avoid transformer and wires submerged in water.

3. Under cold conditions,there would be some condensation formed in the stars. This is normal and can be ignored.

4. Children under 16 years of age must use the product under the supervision of an adult.

5. Please complete the installation and then access the power supply.

Package Included:

1 x Light String

1 x Power Adapter

1 x RF Remote Controller

1 x Instruction