5M 300LED RGB Warm White Flexible RGBW LED Strip Kit with 40 Key Remote Control for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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LED Strip

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Product Specification


LED Strip Power: 14.4W

Power Supply Power: 60W

Power Electric Current: 5A

Work Voltage: DC 12V

Viewing Angle: 120 °

Lights Wiring Length:25CM,Double outlet

LED Type: SMD 5050

LED Strip Material: Flexible

Number of SMD: 300 SMD / 5 Meters

Emitting Color: RGBW

IP Rank: IP67 (Casing Waterproof)

Operating Temperature: -20℃-60℃

Storage Temperature: -40℃-80℃

LED Lifespan: About > 50,000 hours


1: with super bright SMD LED as light source, high brightness, low decay.

2: Low voltage, safety, stability.

3: Waterproof, suitable for indoor and out door applications.

4: Easy installation with plastic clip to fix it.

5: Long life, light source can be more than 50,000 hours.

6: Eco-friendly, nomercury, no UR and IR.

7: can be bent to be divisible, can be arbitrarily fixed in the concave surface.

Installation Notice:

1. Make use correct voltage power supplier safely.

2. According to need to add power from the power supplier.

3. Do not Way of strongly acidic or strongly alkaline.

4. Not overly bend will cause led strip chip damage.

Package Included:

1x LED Strip

1x Receiver

1x Power Adapter (EU)

1x 40-key RGBW Remote Control