10/20/30/50LED Solar Lantern String Lights Waterproof Garden Lantern String Lights Fair Lights with Fabric Lantern Exterior and Interior Decoration for Christmas Garden Home Yard for Sale with BTC on Gipsybee.com


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LED Strip

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Product Specification


★ Long operating time - with a full charge of 6-8 hours the fairy lights up for 8-10 hours. Manganese  have been added to the batteries of the solar string lights to ensure that the solar battery can be recharged even in winter.

★ IP65 Waterproof - These garden LED Solar String Lights are rainstorm-proof, heat-resistant, and frost-resistant. Our LED solar lights can work well and smoothly in any weather. Perfect for interior and exterior decoration

★ Easy operation and installation - 2 light modes with flash and steady light can be easily changed by a button.

★ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use - This wonderful string lights up at night and creates a charming atmosphere in your garden, on your patio, sunbathing area, porch, gate, front yard, etc. and ideal for Christmas, party, wedding, ceremony, display , Room, Valentine's Day, Halloween, celebration and other occasions.


Power: solar powered
Waterproof version: IP65
Cable lenghth:
10 x lanterns: 3.5 m, Include 2 m lead cable
20 x lanterns: 5.3 m, Include 2 m lead cable
30 x lanterns: 6 m, Include 2 m lead cable.
50 x lanterns: 7 m, Include 2 m lead cable.
Distance between 2 LEDs:
15cm: 10 x lanterns & 20 x lanterns & 30 x lanterns 
10cm: 50 x lanterns

Note: Fully charge the device in sunlight before the first use.

Package include:

1 x Solar chinese lanterns
1 x Solar panel supporters
1 x User manual

Details picture: